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Architects of Impact.

Partnerships & Activations
Event Planning & EXECUTION
Digital MARKETING & Engagement

We fuel business expansion for our clients by creating integrated brand campaigns that align with your objectives and speak to your audience equally. Limited only by our own creativity, we’ll work with you to move the right needle and determine how far it needs to go.

While PR is the backbone of our success, we’ve also earned our keep in serving clients end-to-end, including consulting on awareness campaigns, leading influencer campaigns or other brand experiences that will drive revenue for your business.

We’ll create consistent and customized digital experiences for your end-users, designing beautiful brand campaigns, disruptive influencer content and other eye-catching assets you’ll need along the way. 

Our experienced event management team will build a high-touch, impactful event to drive awareness for your brand. We orchestrate events at a variety of levels–grand openings, company-wide conferences, large-scale festivals, community events, pop-ups, ribbon cuttings, fundraisers and open houses–with the goal to have the right individuals in the room for a memorable impression.

As part of our work, we’ll develop partnerships with individuals, brands and organizations, prioritizing their relevancy and reputation over reach to present an authentic representation of your brand.

our process

We choose the right media mix and tactics to build brand notoriety.


We always start with a deep dive into your brand, business and target audience to identify gaps and growth opportunities. Together, we will define the overall goals and on-point narrative that will help move your brand forward in the right way.

Knowledge & Curiosity

Whether you’re the newest brand in town or the oldest on the block, we build you a proprietary PR approach that leverages our deep experience, industry best practices, Rolodex of local and national connections and emerging trends.

Execution & Evolution

We marry your multifaceted brand strategy with scalable tactics that allow us to test, pivot and accelerate so you reach your targets, resonate with key audiences and ultimately grow your business.

What Clients Say

“The Parthenon team is awesome. They are organized, personable, creative, diligent and well connected. They feel like an extension of our team and are incredible partners to work with.”